10 Best Things to Buy in Maldives

Maldives is one of the popular tourist destinations and many old and new places have opened here for people who come to shop in Maldives. 

Wondering what to buy in the Maldives? Here are some of the best things to buy in Maldives and top stores in Maldives   from where you can buy these items.

1. Thundu Kuna

For those who don’t know, Thundu Kunaa are traditional Maldivian mats that are made from natural fibers before being hand-woven by island women to give you the finished product. 

You can find them in various shapes and geometric prints, which is why they are considered one of the most artistic and unusual things to buy in Maldives. 

You can also buy the golden lace ones used by royalty in the old days. In the past, Maldivian locals used them as sleeping mats and prayer mats, but for you, they will make excellent home decor items.

Where to buy:  Tea Dhani Magu
Starting price:   $10

2. Lakh products

Lacquer work is another prominent form of traditional Maldivian handicraft and is one of the things to buy in the Maldives if you want to take a piece of Maldivian heritage back home with you. You can buy lacquerware such as vases, boxes, plates, baskets, toys and even pens, all carved to perfection and unique. 

Brightly colored with different sustainable colors of red, yellow and black, made from the sap of a specific Maldivian tree, these products are a major attraction in the local markets here and are not to be missed. If your kids are bored from the shopping experience, you can take them to Sultan Park in Maldives for some relaxation.

Where to buy:  Tea Dhani Magu
Starting price:   $10

3. The Dhonis

Traditional boats or Dhoni also make for some of the most exotic things to buy in the Maldives, and no we’re not talking about the larger version you use to travel here. 

In the many souvenir and art shops in the Maldives, you’ll find plenty of charming and detailed miniatures that you can take home as a memento of the country. Made of wood with sails, these traditional fishing boats are now highly sought after by tourists visiting the Maldives due to their elegant design and fine detailing.

Where to Buy:  Majidhi Magu, Husnuhina Magu, Chaadhani Magu
Starting Price:   $20

4. Maldivian Sarongs

If you’re looking for some beachy things to buy in the Maldives, pick up two (or more) of those colorful Maldivian sarongs at markets and bazaars. This beautiful beach destination has many places where you can buy stylish sarongs in beautiful floral prints and vibrant colors. 

Maldivian sarongs come in attractive colors and styles so they can be worn for different occasions like beach parties and beach barbecues. It’s sure to make a beautiful item to add to your shopping bag and be the envy of your friends! If you are visiting the Maldives in February, you have the perfect opportunity to do one.

Where to buy:  Majidhi Magu
Starting price:   $5

5. Coconut products

Coconut products are the most famous item in the Maldives, not only because it is a beach destination and coconuts are abundant, but also because of the variety of beautiful handicrafts and quirky useful items in the Maldives!

 After consuming the pulp of this large fruit, the rest is not thrown away. From the coconut shell, the outer shell, bark, leaves and stems all have some industrial use. 

You will find statues, vases, wall hangings, baskets, bowls, spatulas, lampshades, coir ropes, mats, bags and many other items made from coconut palm wood, shells and leaves in different stores. And souvenir shops in Maldives.

Where to buy:  Male Market, Maafushi Island , STO Trade Center
Starting price:   $5

6. Traditional ornaments

Women usually do not worry about what to buy in Maldives as this place is a paradise for female shopaholics. You can shop here for everything from dresses, hats, sarongs, organic beauty products, to some amazing Maldivian jewelry! 

That’s right, ladies! Among other things to do in Male, you can visit any flea market or street market in Male and pick up a variety of quirky trinkets such as handmade necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from seashells, coconut fiber, stones, ceramics, natural materials.

Tree plums, and seeds at rock bottom rates. You can also buy pearl jewelry here but it will be a bit expensive.

Where to buy:  Male, Faridi Magu’s Island Bazaar, Majidhi Magu
Starting price:   $30

Note:  Do not buy jewelry made from shark teeth as well as red and black coral as export of these items is strictly prohibited.

7. Organic cosmetics

For all those who love to use organic beauty products, Maldives has something to keep their skin healthy and plump for years. 

Everyone knows that virgin coconut oil is full of nutrients and hence it is used to make body care products like hair oil, body oil, moisturizers and even cooking oil. And guess what, Maldives is one of the tropical countries that have harnessed the power of coconut oil.

 With a range of coconut-based organic beauty products made here, the Maldives has created the perfect recipe for pampering its visitors. You can buy such products from famous Maldivian brands like Kashi Theo and Frella and Phan at reasonable prices that promise great quality and results.

Where to buy:  Kashi Theo (Malay), Frela (Malay), and Phan
Starting price:   $25

8. Packaged fish products

Gorging on delicious seafood will make you wish you took some home with you. Well, guess what! You can! Shopping in the Maldives gives travelers the option of taking home fish produce that can be eaten within 3 to 4 days. 

Everything from vacuum packed and canned fish fillets, smoked fish, chipped dry fish and fish pickles can be bought here and taken home to give your friends and family a taste of Maldivian food!

Where to buy:  Majidhi Magu & Men
Starting price:   $20

9. Fridge Magnets

If you’re wondering  what to buy for your friends and family in the Maldives  , you can never go wrong with fridge magnets. You will have an amazing choice in Maldives when it comes to quirky fridge magnets and it is easily available in all shops and markets in Maldives. 

Bring some tropical vibes back home and keep them in your fridge. Every time you go to the fridge for a can of beer, you’re reminded of your tropical Maldives getaway.

Where to Buy:   Majidhi Magu, Husnuhina Magu, Chaadhani Magu
Starting Price:   $2

10. Wicker mats

Wicker mats  are another amazing thing to buy while shopping in Maldives. Since these things are handmade, they make great souvenirs from your tropical island vacation.

 Also, these items are so beautiful that you won’t be able to resist yourself from buying them for your home. These mats will not only jazz up your space but also make a great conversation-starter.

Where to Buy:   Majidhi Magu, Husnuhina Magu, Chaadhani Magu
Starting Price:   $20

Do you have more places to add to the list of where to go shopping in Maldives and what to buy in Maldives? Tell us what else you would like to add to help shopaholics visiting Maldives properly explore the colorful and vibrant markets before planning their trip to Maldives.

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10 Best Things to Buy in Maldives

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