20 souvenirs from Malaysia

Known as a dreamland for shopping enthusiasts, Malaysia is filled with a variety of products to shop for. From local shops lining the boulevards to quaint arts and crafts boutiques to glitzy shopping malls, the options are endless.

 However, like every country, Malaysia has its own special and unique things – things that are a must-buy if you are on the island. 

Here are 20 souvenirs from Malaysia that you can bring back home – 

1. Batik

Batik is a very important souvenir in Malaysia, both for yourself and as a gift, as it deeply represents Malaysia. It is perhaps the foremost traditional handicraft in the country.

 The fabric is printed using wax and natural dyes from plant leaves and flowers. They have many designs and patterns and come in bright, vivid colors.

 From fashionable scarves and shawls to everyday wear blouses, bags and purses, even hair accessories – there is no fashion in Malaysia that cannot be made with batik silk. 

Estimated Price  : RM 20 to RM 100+ depending on the type of product

Where to get  : a) Malay Collection, Central Market Annexe, Kuala Lumpurb) Batik Boutique, Sri Hartamas Village, Kuala Lumpurc) Penang Batik Factory) Textile shops in almost all Malaysia

2. Pewter products

Malaysia is one of the major producers of tin products; Hence, high quality is guaranteed in pewter products. Pewter products are made from an alloy of 85-90% tin, 5-10% antimony, 2-5% copper, bismuth and sometimes silver in the best standard products. There are endless options to choose from in pewter products. 

Flower vases, stylish coffee and beer mugs, key chains, showpieces, pen stands, photo frames, spice containers, cigarette cases and wall decor are some of the popular pewter items bought in Malaysia. 

But the most purchased Petar product in Malaysia would be the replica model of its famous landmark, the Petronas Towers. These souvenirs from Malaysia are cheap and represent the mainstream of the country. 

Estimated Price  : RM 100 – RM 500

Where to get  :a) Royal Selangor, 4, Jalan Usahwan 6, Setapak Jayab) KL Pewter, 34, Jalan Mewahc) Kuala Lumpur International Airport

3. Dodol

Dodol is a unique, sticky-soft toffee from Malaysia. A sweet that everyone brings back as a truly Malaysian taste for their friends and family. 

Toffee is traditionally dark in color and comes in interesting flavors like Pandang and Durian. Pandang is a type of leaf that has an enticing aroma, while durian is a popular tropical fruit from Southeast Asia that closely resembles jackfruit. Dodols are sold as loose souvenirs in Malaysia and in pre-packaged boxes. 

Estimated Price  : RM 15 – RM 30 (for box)

Where to find  :a) Tan Kim Hock Production Centreb) Ana Dodol (Perusahan Dodol Melaka) c) Chaurasta Market d) Pak Lang Dodol, Central Market Annexe, Kuala Lumpur) Confectioners all over the small island

4. Chocolate and cakes

Considering tourists for whom the smell and taste of raw durian fruit may be too much, Malaysia introduced a whole range of durian-flavored products. This range of durian souvenirs from Malaysia is available as sweets, cakes, candies and chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth.
You can also pick up some ruby ​​chocolates, which are Malaysian specialty chocolates made by local chocolatiers, which have a nice pink hue without the addition of any artificial food colors. Pink Ruby chocolates were first launched in 2017 and have a sweet and tangy taste; Similar to citrus-based fruits and berries.

Approx Price  : RM 8 – RM 20, RM 25 Ruby Chocolates

Where  to find : a) Pak Lang Dodol, Central Market Annexe, Kuala Lumpur) Sweet Shops nationwide c) You can find Ruby Chocolates in various supermarkets

5. Songket

Songket is a traditional Malaysian textile originating from the state of Kelantan. Trade relations with China and India in the 12th century gave rise to this material. 

It is a type of brocade that comes with a rich and sophisticated look due to gold and silver silk threads woven over other colors. Songket pieces can be bought in different lengths and then used as blouses for salwar suits, sarees, kurtis or even as curtains and tablecloths for special occasions. 

Estimated Price  : RM 40 (for short length) to RM 100 (for long length)

Where to find  :a) Wisma Yakin’s shopsb) Central Market Annexe, Koleksi Melayu and Peninsular Arts and Borneo Crafts in Kuala Lumpurc) Atikah Songket, KLCC

6. Sabah Moti

Found in the crystal clear waters off the coast of Sabah, Malaysia, these beautiful pink pearls are cheaper than anywhere else in Malaysia. If you get your hands on the original seller; A Saba pearl necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings is sure to own a timeless treasure. You can also buy them loose if you decide to make DIY jewelry with them.

Estimated Price  : A pearl can cost anywhere from RM 10 – RM 50. Readymade jewelery depends on the size, number of pearls used, making charges and other costs. 

Where to get  : a) Borneo Pearl stores in Central Market Annexe, Kuala Lumpur and many other outletsb) Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Sabah

7. Kukuk Bun

Originally the kukuk sanggul is a traditional Malaysian hairstyle made of gold or silver and studded with precious stones. At weddings and special occasions women used to wear this accessory to keep the bun in order. A feature of the hairpin was the face of a mythical creature on the wide end of the pin. 

Staying true to style but with cheaper materials, antique kukuk sanggul hairpins are now one of the popular souvenirs in Malaysia to bring back as gifts.

Estimated Price  : RM 150 – RM 300

Where to get  :a) Kuala Lumpur Craft Complexb) Tuah KTC, Central Market Annexe, Kuala Lumpurc) Fashion accessory stores islandwide

8. Brooch

It refers to a piece of jewelry that serves as a brooch that is worn by Malay women and forms part of their traditional attire. Kerongsang doubles as a fashion accessory in addition to helping to hold a dress together. It usually comes in a set of three pieces and each one is a different size. 

Estimated Price  : The range starts from RM 20

Where to shop  :a) Zakir Batikb) Jalan Hang Kasturi – Kuala Lumpur, Central Market Annexe

9. Condiments and sauces

Malaysia is famous for spices and sauces. Many local street shops can be found selling loose spices. Basic spices like pepper, turmeric, paprika and saffron are available at pocket-friendly prices. For a Southeast Asian touch, you can pick up a bottle of curry powder mix or satay sauce. 

Nutmeg oil is a common product used in the country, not only for flavor but also for medicinal purposes. 

Estimated Price  : Between RM 5 – RM 20 depending on the product

Where to find  :a) In any department store and supermarket b) Any high street grocery store

10. Local arts and crafts items

Local handmade crafts are a big attraction in Malaysia. Decorative items such as showpieces, mats, coasters and fashion accessories such as bags, purses and hats made from bamboo, coconut, pandan leaves, rattan, mengkuang etc., are low-cost souvenirs from Malaysia to bring back home. 

If you are an art lover, there are paintings available depicting vibrant frames of the local tropical scene. A variety of useful and decorative bamboo handicrafts made by the local tribes of Malaysia are available in various shops in the local markets of Malaysia. 

There is a wide range of products such as boxes, holders, lamps, etc., making it a memorable takeaway from the Malaysian land.

Estimated price  : RM 5 – RM 10, RM 25 for bamboo handicrafts, depends on the brand

Where to find  : a) Asli Kraft at Central Market Annexe, Kuala Lumpurb) Many local shops on the island

11. Tea

The wide range of hot springs in Malaysia is very limited. Malaysia’s largest tea producer – BOH Plantations has its large tea gardens on the slopes of Cameron Highlands. The most famous is Boh Tea, which sells tea in a variety of unique flavors such as caramel, peach, mango, mandarim, ginger and lime. 

Malaysia’s own teh tarik or pulled tea would be a special type, which when made properly would be richer and creamier in taste. Another name is Saba Tea, which specializes in organic, preservative-free, teas made from hand-picked leaves. 

Old Town White Coffee is a country favorite, brewed from selected Arabica beans and flavored. 

Approximate cost  : RM 5 for 200g loose tea and RM 10-15 for a pack of 20-25 tea bags

Where to get  :a) Any departmental store and supermarket b) Any high street grocery store

12. Instant white coffee

Malaysian coffee is popular among locals. Special baking techniques include margarine. The result is a rich, creamy fragrance that many love. Some of the famous brands are Oldtown, Ike Cheong and Ah Huat.

Estimated Price  : RM 15 for a packet containing about 15-20 bags

Where to shop  :a) Supermarketb) Coffee shop

13. White Curry Instant Noodles from Michaeli Penang

This variety ranks seventh among the world’s spiciest instant noodles. Each pack contains noodles along with soup powder, chili paste and a sachet of non-dairy creamer. When mixed together, the aromatic soup becomes chewy noodles dipped in broth and gives a fiery zing to consumers’ taste buds.

Approximate Price  : Approx RM 7 – 10 

Where to buy  : Supermarkets like Giant, Aeon, Sogo, NSK

14. Various ‘gamut’ products

A unique souvenir for those who are willing to try alternative medicine. ‘Gamat’ simply refers to a species of sea cucumber known for its healing properties. 

These mainly come in two forms – one is available in liquid form which can be consumed and the other is a compound form (gamut oil) which can be used externally. Gamats are known to heal toothaches and heal wounds, cuts and burns.

Estimated Price  : Depends on which product you buy

Where to buy  : a) Pharmacies and supermarkets c) Recommended to buy from Langkawi, the home of the Gamat industry.

15. Nutmeg Oil (Penanghun)

It is prepared from nutmeg seed extract and has strong medicinal properties. It is traditionally associated with headaches, stomachaches, muscle and joint pains, etc. Used as a pain reliever oil for relaxation. Cheong Kim Chuan is a popular brand.

Approx Price  : RM 12 for a 20 ml bottle

Where to buy  : Any shop/pharmacy in Penang and nationwide.

16. Cooker for half-boiled eggs!

One of the most offbeat takeaways that is rarely noticed is the half-boiled egg (Malaysian’s favorite breakfast) cooker. This appliance helps make perfect eggs with soft egg whites and runny yolks and eliminates the need for timers and stoves every morning.

Estimated Price  : RM 10

Where to buy  : Supermarkets

17. Arrogant

Kongak is a traditional Malaysian board game – played by two players and usually using marbles, seeds or pebbles. The board game is designed in such a way that it can be folded in half and easily transported and comes with a set of instructions for players.

Estimated Price  : Starts from RM 45

Where to shop  :a) Ka50b) Asli Kraftc) Central Market Annexe

18. Nak Kumbu

Native to Malaysia, it is a woven fabric made using special techniques of weaving and dyeing. It is considered sacred and a ceremonial cloth for the Iban people. But now, it is commonly used as a bed cover or blanket.

Estimated Price  : Starts from RM 75

Where to buy  : Asiana Gallery – Kuala Lumpur

19. Sayang pumpkin

One of the most commonly sought after and loved souvenirs by tourists, but often difficult to carry, is a jarani (ceramic water container). These are used to keep drinking water cool. Besides, Labu Sayong also has healing properties.

Estimated Price  : RM 20 and above

Where to buy  : Asli Kraft, Kuala Lumpur

20. Kebaya

Made from batik or songket fabrics, the baju kebaya is a traditional dress for Malaysian women. It comes as a complete set of blouse and skirt, but one can buy either one and pair it with any tops/bottoms of his choice.

Estimated Price  : Starts from RM 100 for a complete set depending on the fabric quality

Where to buy  : Zakir Batik If you’re an avid shopper, you can roam the streets and stores in Malaysia to find your favorite products at discounted prices. 

The country often has large sales during specific periods such as the summer sale from mid-May to late July and the winter sale from November to December. 

However, watch out for tourist traps – don’t overpay for anything, but don’t fall for incredibly low prices either. This may mean that the products are damaged or counterfeit.

20 souvenirs from Malaysia

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