8 Hong Kong Monuments That Symbolize Architectural Perfection!

Hong Kong is very famous for its gigantic skyscrapers which are architectural marvels but there are many more buildings or monuments which are amazing and breathtaking. 

This place is a dream for all history buffs and those who love intricate architecture and man-made landmarks. Tourists who love historical buildings will fall in love with this place as there are plenty of places to showcase the history and culture of Hong Kong in a beautiful way.

1. Wong Tai Sin Temple

The temple is officially a Taoist establishment but now also houses some Buddhist and Confucian texts. Worshipers offer prayers and come here to pay homage or reflect on their sins as this temple is known to answer the prayers of devotees.

 Even if you don’t believe in God, you must visit this temple as it has a lot of architectural and cultural significance in Hong Kong. 

The temple is located in the north of Kowloon and is built in an architectural style that is famous for Chinese temples. Divination is also practiced in Wong Tai and is also known as Kau Sim where wooden sticks of script are moved in bamboo cups with oracles.

Location:  2 Chuk Yuen Village, Chuk Un, Hong Kong

2. Big Buddha

A large bronze statue of Buddha completed in 1993. You have to combine bus and ferry or ferry and skyrail to reach this religious icon. 

This great gold and bronze monument took years to build and when you see this gigantic statue you will understand why. This monument is a symbol that represents the harmonious relationship between man and nature, people and faith. A popular tourist attraction and major Buddhist site in Hong Kong.

Location:  Ngong Ping Rd, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

3. Po Lin Monastery

This place was discovered in 1906 and is a Buddhist monastery. The monastery’s shrine is an impressive architectural structure and one of the most popular monuments in Hong Kong. 

A grand hall of ten thousand Buddhas is soon to open here which will make the place even grander. The monastery was initially known as the Big Hut and was renamed Po Lin Monastery in 1924. Here wooden bangles are made and sold near the Tian Tan Buddha statue also known as Big Buddha.

Location:  Ngong Ping, Hong Kong

4. Sam Tung UK Museum

If you want to know more about Hong Kong’s pre-skyrise history, you must visit this museum. Located in the Tsuen Wan district, the museum is a well-known monument and takes its name from its three-beam floor plan. 

The fortified village of Hakka was declared a historical monument in the 18th century and later converted into a museum by Chan Chan.

 The museum was built in 1980 and most of the architectural monuments in the complex include ancestral halls and isolated houses that store traditional furnishings, although some changes have been made to the site, including a reception area and an exhibition hall.

Location:  2 Kwu Uk Ln, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

5. St. John’s Cathedral

Built in 1849, this church is the oldest church in Hong Kong. Also known as the mother church of the Anglican Diocese of Hong Kong. The church was to be used by the British Army as it was near the barracks. 

The church was restored after the war and was used as a Japanese clubhouse during the war. A great piece of architecture and it has a Gothic style with stained glass windows that can be opened as it is built according to the tropical climate.

Location:  4-8 Garden Rd, Central, Hong Kong

6. Former Central Magistrate

This Greek Revival style monument was built between 1913 and 1914. This building was constructed by demolishing the previous Hong Kong Magistrates’ building. The walls here are made of huge granite blocks and the monument is housed in a gigantic basement. The enormity of the basement created many complications during construction.

Location:  1 Arbuthnot Rd, Central, Hong Kong

7. Tsz Van Court

An interesting but not popular temple in Hong Kong. The Chinese sculptures and many murals around this place explain to you the great Chinese mythology in a very simple way.

 The 18 levels of hell in this temple showcase the demons in a gruesome yet colorful manner. The site is known for ancestor worship and also serves as a partial columbarium and shrine for spirit tablets.

Location:  Sha Tin Pass, Hong Kong

8. Wanchai Livelihood Museum

The Big Blue House is a 1920s style building and is named after its bright blue exterior. There are regular exhibitions and shows that showcase various stories of ancient Hong Kong and help the curious learn more about this amazing city. 

This piece of architecture preserves the culture and heritage of the city and also promotes the locality. Residents of Wan Chai take regular walks around this magnificent heritage, and many tourists are also treated to long walks. The building is also the city’s first livelihood museum.

Location:  72 Stone Nalla Lane, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Enchanted by these monuments? Add these amazing structures to your next trip to Hong Kong and get ready to cross them off your bucket list.

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8 Hong Kong Monuments That Symbolize Architectural Perfection!

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